• Compatible A Class AIS and B class AIS system network operates using.
  • Able to continuously and autonomously receive the dynamic and static information of surrounding AIS ships.
  • Able to receive rescue information from AlS equipment including AIS-SART and AIS position indicator.
  • The received AIS data information can be transmitted to the designated server through the network.
  • It has four types of alarms: dry contact output transmission alarm, equipment failure alarm, power supply power alarm, antenna feeder standing wave alarm and four types of allarms.
  • Support multiple IP link access methods.
  • Transparent data forwarding, supporting ship voyage, voyage, crew ID card swiping and other data uploading and receiving.
  • With self-fault monitoring, reporting, protection, isolation and other functions.






Frequency Range 156.025MHz-162.025MHz
Default channel (2) AIS1: 161.975MHz AIS2: 162.025MHz
Frequency interval 25kHz
Standard way GMSK(16KOJ3E)
Powered by AC220V(±15%)
Operating temperature -20°C~+55C°
Feeder model SYV50-12
Feeder length 50M
Receiver electrical performance 50Ω
Receiving sensitivity -107dBm, PER<20%
Error at high input level -77dBm, PER <2%; -7dBm, PER<10%
Co-channel suppression >12dB ,PER<20%
Adjacent channel immunity >70dB ,PER<20%
Spurious response suppression ≧68dB
Intermodulation immunity >70dB ,PER<20%
Intermodulation response suppression >65dB,PER<20%
Block >84dB ,PER<20%
Spurious emission 9KHz~1GHz: <-57dBm, 1GHz~4GHz: <-47dBm
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