Company have a strong team of engineers , they have been trained at original maker plant. We provide more than twenty years experience in the service and repair area, which guarantee that customer satisfactory and feedback is highly valued in our company.

The competitive of the market and customer demand make it necessary to start a office & work shop in Taiwan , so that have move towards South East Asia, China and Pacific Asia to provide repair and sales service.

Raytheon Marine Inc
Sperry Marine Inc


  • Singapore JRCS commercial agent and Product Sell and repair
  • Tanker pacific Ship Management
  • MOL Tank Ship Management
  • Bumi Armada Berhad
  • Swire Pacific Offshore
  • Keppel Shipyard Ltd
  • Singapore Naval
  • IHI Marine Engineering Singapore
  • Taiwan Fisheries Agency’s Assigned Supplier of AIS
  • Japanese Marine Elevator Manufacturer’s Assigned Cooperation Partner Company
  • ChangRong, YangMing, WanHai Designated Cooperation Partner Company
  • Taiwan Offshore Power Generation Marine Engineering Marine Equipment Designated Maintenance/Repair Company
  • Inmarsat Satellite Phone Sales & Repair Agent

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