Nautical Radar
ㆍ 15-inch color LED LCD screen.
ㆍ 6 feet (1.8 meters) 6KW high performance slit waveguide antenna
     Ultra-wide power input startup module.
ㆍ Advanced automatic tuning function, you can also manually adjust the tuning, gain, rain,
     snow, and ocean waves to get the best echo image.
ㆍ Has true motion echo trailing.
ㆍ Automatic radar plotting ARPA , can automatically capture and track 50 targets.
ㆍ AlS signal access function, can display up to 200 targets.
ㆍ High resolution at close range, no loss of characteristics for long-range targets.
ㆍ Special magnifying glass function, which can magnify any echo locally twice.






Screen size 15.4 inch color LED display
Resolution 1024*768
The antenna size 6ft (2.0m)
Interface GPS/AIS/compass, etc. input, VDR/ARPA, etc. output interface
Peak power 6KW
Noise index Better than 6dB
IF STC 0dB ~ 40dB
Range resolution 2.1°
Angle resolution X band(9.4GHz)
Working band 0.9°~1.3°(+0.1%°)
Horizontal beam width 20°~280°
Vertical beam width -24dB~-22dB
Sidelobes within 10 degrees -30dB
10degrees outer side lobe 28dB~31dB
Gain 25m
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