ㆍ 15-inch LCD display, which can accurately receive weather fax images even under
  changing weather conditions.
ㆍ A total of 900 channels, including 330 pre-programmed channels and 570 user-programmable channels.
ㆍ Paperless operation, can store 120 images, view and recall the required information at any time,
  convenient and efficient operation.
ㆍ DThe image can be enlarged and rotated, and the local data is clearer and more accurate.
ㆍ Built-in 32 timetable timers, automatically receive data regularly.






Main instrument 382*404*110mm, weight 7kg
Power supply DC24V(-25%/+30%)
Operating temperature -10-50°C
Humidity 10-90% relative humidity
Show 15-inch color LCD display
Adjustable brightness Adjustable LCD background brightness
Frequency Range 2-25MHz
Number of presets receiving channels 300
Number of storage channels 900
Sensitivity <2μV(in 20dB SINAD)
Receive mode F3C
External input signal Level 0dBm (600 ohms)
Wind direction measurement range 0-359°
GPS/BDS input (if connected) RMC、GLL、ZDA
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